As one of the leading technology strategy consulting firms, AMR International offers growth consulting, through both acquisition and new market entry, to a wide range of technology clients.

We offer Merger and Acquisition Integration planning during commercial due diligence to identify costs and assess potential opportunities. Integration technologies include The 100-Day Plan to monitor and improve performance in order to drive accountability within the organisation and jumpstart your value creation process.

To stay at the forefront of their industry, aligning technology with strategy must be a priority for business leaders. The technology landscape is multi-faceted and constantly being driven in new directions by new innovations. AMR matches this with a multi-disciplinary team, including scientists and engineers, to combine technical knowledge with business acumen.

We work collaboratively with clients to help them make robust decisions when it comes to their information technology sourcing strategy.

Science Technology and Innovation Strategy

Innovation in Science Technology can be high-risk due to the sheer pace of change. However, with our advanced analytics, we can help you make the most informed decisions possible to drive business growth. Our technology-based clients want a science technology and innovation strategy that allows them to innovate while at the same time remain competitive. They come to us with a defined problem from which we can assess all options thoroughly and then present the opportunities that are available in the Science Technology sector. To effectively manage innovation, we help our clients to develop the digital technology strategy and business infrastructure needed for competitive advantage, value creation, and cost reduction.

Our aim is to collaborate with you to customise a technology and business strategy that is robust, sustainable and innovative.

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Smart Industrials

Smart industrials are niche technology-involved industrial companies that use advanced or specialty manufacturing to produce their products.

The age of Smart Manufacturing is here. The latest digital innovations enable specialty manufacturing firms to respond in real-time to challenges faced internally and externally within their market. With advances in technology enabling product and process innovations, it is vital that you are guided by a manufacturing consulting firm that can match transformation with strategy. AMR helps its clients to create value and drive growth through activities that boost and sustain superior margins.

We display technical expertise as a leading Smart Industrials manufacturing consultant in the UK and beyond. We have a detailed understanding of the landscape of buyers, through defining customer needs and defending attractive niches. As a manufacturing engineering consulting firm we support our industrial engineering clients face unique challenges of sustainability, increases in operational efficiency, retaining competitive advantage while keeping costs low and maintaining value creation.

As a leading manufacturing management consulting firm, we support all sizes of industrial technology companies, from smaller companies positioned in attractive niche markets to diversified global organisations.

The Sources of Value Framework

AMR’s experience spans a range of industrial processes and activities. We also work across many sectors, allowing us to transfer insights and approaches between industries, and to derive deeper business insight.

After many years of experience in the Smart Industrials consulting field, we have developed our own innovative technology tool, ‘The Sources of Value Framework’. It uses the most advanced analytics to analyse all opportunities that are available to companies. We have worked on hundreds of assignments in industrial technology.

Our experience is particularly deep in process control, flow control, test and measurement and sensors; and we have worked in aerospace, electronics, lean and custom manufacturing, transport and logistics, energy and construction.

Manufacturing Process Consulting

Engineering and manufacturing are one of the UK's broadest sectors. We offer manufacturing consulting services from aeronautical and automotive manufacturing, process engineering control and production, all the way to telecoms and transportation.

As a leading manufacturing strategy consulting firm we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver performance improvement and value creation using the most advanced analytics available.

We will collaborate with you to create a robust and clearly defined strategy to guide you through digital transformation and deliver measurable business outcomes and achieve a clear competitive advantage. We are a leading manufacturing process and technology consulting firm dedicated to delivering you sustained improvement and value for money.

Engineering Consulting

As a leading engineering consulting firm, our expertise will harness the latest digital advances that will help you optimise your processes and production operations within your business, whether in London or further afield.

Life sciences is an extremely dynamic sector, with high risk and high returns. Health spend is growing, new technologies are disrupting the market, and there is an increasing trend towards more patient-centric medical care. The supply chain is revolutionising in the search for higher productivity and higher returns.

As one of the top life science consulting firms, AMR is well qualified to navigate this environment and works with leading industry players and financial investors. As a leading life science management consulting firm, we help identify attractive industry opportunities and develop strategies that will allow their businesses and investments to grow and create sustainable value. We also help our clients navigate the financial, operational and regulatory challenges that form part of the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

We have worked on over 90 life science and medical projects spanning pharmaceuticals, R&D, medical products and devices, healthcare software and data analytics tools and media. After many years of experience in the life sciences consulting field, we have developed the most advanced analytics to analyse all opportunities that are available to companies.

In terms of new product planning, we give our clients an objective view of all opportunities within the complex market dynamics already at play. We take them from the R & D stage right through to marketing and sales, harnessing all the data available to help make informed decisions. Gaining insight to help them stay innovative while at the same time retaining their competitive edge in the market.

Life Science Strategy Consulting

Given the myriad of near-and long-term life science strategies, it is vital that companies adopt a focused strategy in order to survive in a rapidly changing industry and ever-evolving customer landscape. If you can dominate in one specific aspect of the industry, you can then develop a set of strong capabilities to support that strategy and deliver differentiated value to their customers.

We help you to:

  • fast-track the path from lab to market
  • leverage your strengths to revolutionise your business model
  • interpret complex business structures, while maintaining compliance and low costs
  • turn capabilities into commercial propositions

Software forms part of AMR’s 25+ years of expertise in Technology and Information.

Within our Technology practice, we specialise in business consulting software which underpins the operations of all modern businesses, for example, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), marketing technology, financial management systems (FMS), governance risk and compliance (GRC) and cybersecurity.

Within our Information practice, we are experts in industry-specific software solutions. As a software consultant, we deliver information through increasingly intelligent search tools, data visualization and advanced analytics. It can also be used to process large datasets which drive specialist decision support tools. We assist our clients to moderate, leverage and effectively manage their technological content. Harnessing your knowledge and the right information within data sets is a powerful asset to your day-to-day business operations. We translate your needs that enable your business to retain its competitive edge and stay innovative with the use of technological advances.

AMR is well-versed in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving software market. We provide advisory services to private equity and corporate clients who are looking to enter or grow in the software market. We also work for software companies which are looking to manage competitive threats and accelerate revenue growth. Our software helps our clients manage their processes and operations, while also reacting to changes within the business and in the market.

Sources of Value Framework

AMR International developed the ‘Sources of Value’ Framework, an analytical framework, to understand the drivers of sustainable value available in the specialty manufacturing sector. The Sources of Value framework has now successfully supported strategy development in over 50 projects across a variety of assignments in a range of niche industrial markets. The framework structures the superior products or those of recurring revenue in a practical way.