AMR helps its clients capture sources of value in smart industrials, software, and media.

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‘Smart’ industrial groups capture sources of value in the supply chains in which they operate. They are ‘smart’ because they invest in sustainable technical competencies and information flows.

Typically they achieve one or more of the following:

  • Hold commercially relevant IP, regulatory, or specification approvals that protect their position
  • Supply engineered products with a high design and technical content
  • Operate to a high degree of technical integrity in critical or harsh environments
  • Take a lead in Industry 4.0: e.g. adding data to componentry; participating, or enabling, Industrial Automation
  • Dominate an attractive, and defensible, technical niche

The industrial landscape is constantly evolving, often driven by technological innovation. AMR seeks to help ‘smart’ industrial clients sustain their value creation - through intense focus on the activities that truly drive and sustain superior margins.

This focus holds true across our consulting capabilities: strategy, M&A, performance improvement, digital, and AMR Analytics

Underpinning all of these is a belief in the primacy of understanding and responding to the voice of the customer

An informed understanding of the changing needs of customers, distributors, and end-users is a vital component in formulating sustainable, winning strategies.

We combine our deep understanding of your product and service capabilities with our expertise in the underlying markets to provide robust, evidence-based strategies to inform your future areas of focus and investment activities.

AMR helped guide the journey of many publishing companies into an internet age We continue to help media companies benefit from technology change. For example: supporting an educational publisher to create tailored, data-powered and digitally-enabled go-to-market strategies.

We are also at the forefront of supporting the rise of workflow tools and their convergence with data across a variety of verticals: e.g. legal, health, travel, agriculture, and energy.

This is true across a range of functional disciplines (finance, HR) where technology continues to drive productivity gains and is now entering new areas - such as insurance or marketing services.

We are also passionate in advocating the use of appropriate technology strategies to enable events organisers and infrastructure providers to build enhanced customer experiences.

Finally, we work with a variety of players in the supply chain for enterprize software, the provision of data centres, SAAS business models, and the growing market for cloud and cyber security solutions.