We work closely with management teams and stakeholders to help decide which corporate goals to focus on – and how best to attain them. We bring clarity of thought, and provide actionable strategies.

Our work is rooted in truly understanding customer needs. We combine this with data analysis, critical thinking, and insight derived from our sector expertise.

Our capabilities include:

  • Portfolio strategy
  • Decision support
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Business model transformation

A go-to-market strategy maximises performance based on customer needs, market conditions, and your firm’s capabilities. It is about aligning products and services with the right customer segments, using the best channels, and getting pricing right. It should provide clear answers to the following questions:

  • What do our customers need?
  • How should we segment customers in a commercially relevant way?
  • How do we tailor our offer (product, service, distribution, price) to these segments to provide superior customer value and maximize returns?

Like all of AMR’s work, our go-to-market strategy begins with a profound understanding of customers: first qualitative, then quantitative.

AMR segments customers to reflect their different needs, behaviour and size. We then assess how they can be served best, through which channels and with which propositions.

Pricing is also a very important part of this picture; in fact price optimisation can create substantial value in its own right.