AMR Analytics

The key to harnessing the power of analytics within an organisation is to combine data, analytical capability and strategic vision.

AMR combines a commercial approach with advanced capabilities to help business leaders better interpret data and translate it into action. Our approach is designed to be accessible and readily understood by both senior management and customer facing teams.

  • Our data readiness assessment helps firms determine their path to making more informed decisions across their organisation.
  • Our segmentation solutions allow firms to make more informed decisions about which parts of their offering or client base is delivering the most value. This focus on value creation allows a ‘whole firm’ approach to resource allocation.
  • Our predictive analytics solutions inform what you should do next, not simply report on the past. This allows business leaders to work backward from their goal to the real first steps needed to achieve them.

We worked with a major media brand to segment its customers using big data techniques. With rapid deployment of a commercially-relevant segmentation, tailored sales tactics, and helpful visualisation sales tools – revenue increased by 40% in the target segments. Results show that payback can be expected in 6 to 12 months and overall ROI is 5 to 10x.