AMR Analytics

AMR Analytics: powered by customer insight

We use big data in a smart way and in conjunction with Voice of the Customer programmes: to test and validate data-driven conclusions.

We find “big data” driven results are now available rapidly using powerful statistical tools. This shortcuts the years required to hire data scientists, build data infrastructure, build and test in-house models. Significant change management is not required to implement our solutions.

Our data driven insights make sales and marketing teams more effective by giving specific recommendations on which customers to approach and how. Insights are designed to be accessible and readily understood by both senior management and customer facing teams.

Our predictive analytics solutions inform what you should do next, not simply report on the past.

One example: we worked with a major media brand to segment its customer using big data techniques. With rapid deployment of a commercially-relevant segmentation, tailored sales tactics, and helpful visualisation sales tools – revenue increased by 40% in the target segments

Results show that payback can be expected in 6 to 12 months and overall RoI is 5x to 10x.

Typical implementation is around themes in retention, cross sell, and customer acquisition.