Globex 2017

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The ninth edition of Globex – the global exhibition organising market: assessment and forecast to 2021 – now available to purchase online.

Who’s it for?

Globex 2017 is essential reading for all participants in the global exhibitions industry. This includes organisers, private equity and corporate investors, exhibition venues, service providers, industry associations and regulators.

What you can expect

Developed using AMR’s deep expertise and research capabilities, Globex 2017 provides in-depth trends analysis, granular volume and price data, and 5-year forecasts on 20* mature and emerging countries.

In this brief video the editor of Globex, Diana Gineva, explains the features and benefits of the report and AMR’s role in guiding transformation of the events industry.

New this year: Extended analysis in the Southeast Asian market

Following last year’s addition of a new chapter dedicated to Indonesia, in 2017 AMR will include analysis on six new countries in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian market. These include: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macau and the Philippines.

These new chapters are presented in a new streamlined format and are designed to directly address organisers’ main questions on market size and outlook, venue supply, existing competition, attractive sectors and options for market entry.

Key features
  • 5-year forecasts on 20* mature and emerging markets
  • Full geographic market profiles
  • Growth strategies of leading international and local organisers
  • Latest M&A activity and analysis
  • Major industry trends such as the increased importance of data and digital tools
  • Latest KPI data on organiser and top exhibitions performance in each country

“Globex is the bible for the events industry.” 
Group Exhibition Director

What you’ll receive:
  • A comprehensive 70-page executive summary
  • A 400-page individual country report covering each of the 20* emerging and mature markets
  • Downloadable excel data sheets so you have instant access to all the numbers behind the charts
Easy online access and user-friendly
  • Globex 2017 can be purchased online via the AMR website where you will also find other related insights for the exhibitions industry
  • Simply sign-in, and once purchased you can automatically download the full report. Your Globex copy will be securely saved in your account, giving you 24/7 access.
  • The report is created as an interactive PDF with buttons and links to navigate through chapters

Exclusive UFI members discount

UFI members receive a 20% discount when they purchase the full Globex 2017 report.

*The 20 markets featured in Globex include: US, China, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Russia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macau and the Philippines.