Globex 2015

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The exhibitions industry’s definitive dataset and forecast, seventh edition now released

AMR International launches its latest edition of Globex, an invaluable report to participants in the global exhibitions industry including organisers, private equity and corporate investors, exhibition venues and service providers, exhibition and other industry associations, and regulators

“Everyone in the industry needs a copy of this report. It brings everything together with clear analysis- it’s worth it for the forecasts alone” Business Development Director

Globex analyses 13* of the most significant exhibition markets and provides insight into:
  • The health of each market and likely future outlook
  • Price and volume developments and their drivers for growth
  • Major industry trends such as the increased importance of digital tools
  • Latest M&A activity and analysis of the correlation between emerging market share and profitability
  • Growth strategies of leading international exhibitors
  • Latest KPI data on organiser and top exhibitions performance in each country

“If you want to understand the global exhibition industry in nuanced detail, there is only one place to go: AMR’s Globex report.”

Charlie McCurdy
Chief Executive, Global Exhibitions Division