Our team testimonials

“From my first day at AMR, I was immediately welcomed as a core part of the team. I was given a lot of responsibility early on, and senior colleagues were very approachable and brilliant to learn from. Since joining, I have been on projects that cover a wide range of underlying industries; from cosmetic procedures, to gaming, to pipes and valves. The volume and complexity of knowledge you gain on each project is unbelievable. It is this, combined with the sense of achievement that follows the completion of each project, that has made me wish to pursue my career in consulting.” Ilana Goodman, Consultant, AMR International


“Every project I have engaged in has accelerated my learning curve drastically. AMR has been a great platform to develop skills and gain exposure to a wide range of businesses. I am proud that my work at AMR has been practical and impactful to our clients.” Billy Yuan, Consultant, AMR International


“I gained more responsibility from the start than I could ever dream of and was given much more freedom and trust to fulfill my tasks than at other consultancy firms.” Lars Steinbrecher, Junior Consultant, AMR International