The collective contributions of our alumni and our current team have established the solid foundation for AMR International. Our alumni have been fantastic colleagues and many have gone on to do great things since AMR – in business and beyond, and across the globe. The enduring relationships with and between our alumni are of great mutual benefit.

Jerry Xiao, Insights Analyst, Wework

My time at AMR has been defined by a multitude of learning. AMR has every development opportunity that you could wish for, with the multitude of challenging projects and responsibilities far exceeding those of the typical fresh college graduate. I was thrown in the deep-end on day one, and given the support and coaching to succeed; my level of responsibilities and impact have far exceeded those of my peer-group at other firms. I firmly believe that this has been an unparalleled experience, and appreciate the people who have made it so.

Tim Hart, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at UBM Americas

I joined AMR as a Researcher in 2004 shortly after graduating from Cambridge in History and worked my way up through the ranks to become Project Manager. Although I joined AMR in London, I spent most of my time with the company in New York. In fact, I was a founding member of the US office in November 2005.

My time at AMR provided a great foundation for my career and I will always be grateful for that. Analytical rigour, presentation skills, people management, project management and patience are just some of the skills I developed along the way. When I joined, I was seeking a broad-based business training and exposure to a range of industries and AMR did not disappoint. I left AMR at the end of 2012 to pursue an MBA at HEC Paris and to consider a corporate role.

My experience at AMR paid dividends almost immediately as UBM, an AMR client and the largest exhibitions organiser in North America, offered me an internship during my studies. That internship ultimately turned into a full-time role at UBM Tech and later an expanded role as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for UBM Americas.

Yves Legrux, Country Manager, Puma Energy

I joined AMR as an intern and spent six months in the London office before going back to finish my studies in Paris. Those first few months at AMR taught me teamwork as well self-drive and entrepreneurship. Despite my young age and inexperience, I was given significant responsibility on various projects.

On graduation, I joined a small private equity firm in Paris but fund raising did not go as planned and I was given the opportunity to rejoin AMR as a junior consultant. Two years on, I was promoted to senior consultant working on a wide range of acquisition and strategy projects. This gave me wide experience and exposure, allowing me to join the Trafigura group. I currently look after mergers and acquisitions for Puma Energy in Africa (the oil mid and downstream arm of Trafigura) and am currently relocating to become the managing director of one of our affiliates in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I genuinely believe that AMR has given me the opportunity to understand and focus on issues while also helping me present them clearly at board level. To my mind, AMR is the greatest training centre one can dream of. I have always believed in the quality of the AMR product and am always pleased to recommend AMR. Who knows, I might rejoin AMR once again in the future.

Jake Austin, Senior Strategy Consultant

I joined AMR as a junior researcher after graduating from Bristol in 2005. On reflection my first steps at AMR were exactly what I was looking for; I was thrown into a highly collaborative environment that taught me how to analyse markets, conduct financial analysis and work in diverse international teams. After initially working on a wide range of different projects, the learning curve continued for me with a promotion to senior consultant and I started to run small projects, allowing me to develop strong project management and presentational skills.

AMR also gave me exposure to living and working abroad. I am grateful to AMR for allowing me to work with businesses in Mexico and Argentina, and for giving me the chance to spend six months on secondment in our New York office.

Shortly after my time in the US, there was an opportunity at AMR to spend six months on secondment with a client, UBM plc. I later joined UBM permanently where I had the opportunity to round out my experience in a more corporate and operational environment. I will always look back on my time at AMR as a fun, rewarding period that has provided me with a good platform for my own professional development.