AMR International is a boutique strategy consulting firm with offices in London, Paris and New York. We work with leading multinational companies and investors to deliver sustainable growth strategies and investment insight.

AMR offers a unique and highly rewarding opportunity for both personal and professional growth and development. Our small company size means that every consultant is encouraged and trained to be a highly productive team member.

You will work hard, but in return, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Personal development
  • High responsibility
  • Swift advancement opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial environment
  • Sustainable work-life balance
  • International outlook

The average project length at AMR is between four and six weeks, which allows consultants to go through a full project cycle 8-12 times within a year versus two or three times at a larger consultancy.

This provides significant opportunity to quickly enhance professional development and build a robust consulting toolkit.

Our engagement model allows for junior staff members to have ownership from the start. Consultants are expected to own deliverables and be involved in client discussions early on.

As a consultant develops, they will take on more responsibility to deliver work-streams and complex analysis for leading Corporates and Private Equity funds in our selected industries.

As a meritocracy, we enable each consultant to advance quickly and develop an impactful and impressive career based on his or her own strengths.

We encourage and reward top performers. Our team members receive formal, project-level performance assessments and bi-annual promotion considerations.

At AMR, you will help shape the direction of the firm.

Consultants play a pivotal role in thought leadership, business development, training and more. 

We believe in the importance of balance. AMR operates a low travel model in which consultants rarely work from the client site.

Our TOIL system allows people to take a day off after projects with tight deadlines to pursue activities outside of work.

Employees are also rewarded with regular office socials, as well as an annual company get-together in the Mediterranean.

Our client base is international and projects are international in outlook. Our teams combine a wide range of nationalities and skill sets. You will develop cross-cultural working skills and work with cross-office teams.

We encourage office moves and many team members have benefited from short-term, long-term and even permanent office moves, particularly between London and New York.