About Us

Culture and people


Our style of working is inclusive and collaborative. We strive to work alongside our clients and to be part of their team, as they should feel that they are part of our team. Ultimately our work helps clients to take significant decisions and create change in their organisations. We are happiest when our clients adopt the work as their own.


We are often engaged to help solve complex business problems. This requires rigorous, structured thinking; above all, it requires clarity.  We like plain English; we always strive to avoid jargon and ambiguity. We know that if we do not provide clear data, transparent thinking and well presented arguments then our work will lose credibility and impact.

Our people

Our people consistently say that AMR’s culture is a major benefit both to them and to the company. A fundamental part of AMR’s philosophy is maintaining the environment that we have developed over the last 25 years, that allows our people to flourish and develop.  AMR operates in a flat, informal structure. We allow all consultants responsibility early on and we expect everyone to contribute to resolving our clients’ challenges, no matter what their level of seniority.

Our people are practical and as good at understanding human behaviour as they are at building detailed market models.  We work hard to develop our people’s ability to provide insight by combining a range of pertinent inputs, which may be qualitative or based on data-driven analysis. Our people then turn this work into strategic advice and communicate it in a straightforward way to our clients.

What our clients say