We seek to foster a culture of excellence and hire the brightest people through a rigorous recruitment process. We test for the classic consulting attributes such as numeracy, problem-solving and emotional intelligence.  But we also demand practical thinking and an intuitive desire to learn about business.

Currently we are recruiting at two levels: Associate Consultant and Consultant. For guidance, an Associate Consultant will typically come from a degree course at a leading university. A Consultant will have similar qualifications, but will benefit from between two and three years of experience in a consulting or similar role. Additional languages are an advantage. The interview process for both roles would encompass case interviews, CV and behaviour-based questions and a 30 minute numerical reasoning test.

In a typical project, we work in teams of between 2 – 5 AMR employees. A case team is usually directed by a member of our Senior Team and will include both Consultants and Associate Consultants.

If you are smart, dynamic and think that you would thrive at AMR International, please submit your CV to us via the form here for the London or Paris offices; or via email for our New York office. We will contact you should a suitable opportunity for you arise. For general enquiries, please email us.