Who we are

AMR International is a boutique strategy consulting firm consistently delivering value to its clients – for over 25 years. In this time, we have worked on 2000+ projects, in more than 40 countries.

What we do

Our work is always bespoke to our client need, pragmatic in its approach.

Our focus is on three specialist sectors – Technology, Information and Events.

  • Technology – We help our clients capture sources of value in smart industrials and life sciences. We have a multi-disciplinary team, including scientists and engineers, to combine technical knowledge with strategic vision
  • Information – We are proud to serve the world’s leading information providers, and their investors, as data transforms the global economy
  • Events – We are the leading adviser to the events industry globally. Our unparalleled expertise enables us to act as a guide to the industry’s transformation

Our people

At AMR, we are proud of our people who are experienced, committed to excellence, and trained at elite institutions. We draw strength from their diverse heritage and impressive array of linguistic skills. We operate a global staffing pool from our offices in London, New York and Paris.