customer and market insight

We firmly believe in strategy which is grounded in the reality of what customers need
and which is practical to implement. We work mostly in the business media and industrial sectors, where we have deep expertise.


AMR International Limited Mainzer Landstrasse 51 60329 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Telephone: +49 69 58 30 27 0

AMR International Limited 85, rue Jouffroy d'Abbans 75017 Paris France

Telephone: +33 1 76 21 24 27
London -

AMR International Limited St George's House 61 Conduit Street London W1S 2GB

Telephone: +44 20 7534 3600
New York -

AMR International Consulting Inc. 655 Third Avenue Suite 2500-05 New York NY 10017 United States of America

Telephone: +1 646 465 5970

Customer-centric strategy

At AMR we always put our clients' customers at the heart of our work.

We obtain a profound understanding of customers, based on deep original research and data analysis. We then combine this with insight into the market and competitive environment. Our clients value the sector knowledge and experience which we bring, as well as our collaborative approach that enables us to provide tangible results and to develop actionable strategies.

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Sector specialists

We tell our clients about the importance of focus and the power of specialisation, principles we apply to ourselves. We are business to business specialists and we focus predominantly on two industry sectors in which we have deep expertise, with distinct teams and practice areas. These are Business Media, Information and Technology and Industrial. We also have expertise in Business Services and Other areas.

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The evolution of interactive, marketing services and technology


Growth and profit shifts in oil and gas create opportunities