Growth Strategy

Customer and market insight

We firmly believe in strategy which is grounded in the reality of what customers need and which is practical to implement. We work mostly in the business media and industrial sectors, where we have deep expertise.

AMR International’s white paper on:

How to achieve sustainable value in specialty manufacturing

A framework to identify key drivers

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Globex report

The global exhibitions organising market:

Assessment and forecast to 2018

Now in its 6th edition 

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Customer Success

  • As a growing business AMR has become a trusted adviser

    AMR International has now completed over 2000 projects, with a mix of growth strategy and commercial due diligence.

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  • Bridgepoint Development Capital's acquisition of Inspired Thinking Group

    Shows significant opportunities for high quality technology-led assets

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Thought Leadership

  • Measuring event success: are we measuring the right thing?

    Gauging the success of our events is crucial, but do we really understand the indicators we are using? 

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  • Growth and profit shifts in oil and gas create opportunities for technology and service businesses

    Creating opportunities for technology and service businesses to generate value

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What our clients say

  • It was a really good piece of work. They knew what they were talking about. We were really happy and I have recommended AMR to my colleagues in Germany who are now using AMR.

    Cinven Paris

  • "I wanted to say thanks for the great work AMR and the team are doing for us. The CDD research and reports have been excellent."

    Global events services group

  • We've tackled this issue a number of times on our own and always failed. AMR did a great job; you've provided us with all the keys.


  • As always, we were impressed with AMR's reaction to our very tight schedule. We consider AMR's insight to our market needs to be of the highest standard and fully believe their process of actually talking to people in the market to be a very valuable asset.


  • “AMR did a fantastic job. They combined strong industry knowledge with a rigorous approach which yielded some very important insights to our investment process. We would recommend them whole-heartedly."

    Wicks Group of Companies

  • "This is the first transaction that we have concluded with support from AMR and we were thoroughly satisfied with their assistance. The AMR team provided good quality support and advice and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to another corporate."


  • "Many thanks for the work your team completed for us. We were impressed by their diligence and professionalism as well as how quickly they got up to speed in this specialised area." 

    Global technology solutions company

  • "This was a difficult assignment covering quite an esoteric market. The AMR team did a better job than anyone else could have done.”

    Wasserstein & Co.

  • “AMR did an extremely good job getting to an audience that is very difficult to reach. With our new pricing strategy we went on to achieve an 8x RoI. That's when you know that a piece of work was worth it.”


  • “Outstanding. It’s very rare that you hire externals who are really prepared to express an opinion as opposed to the usual blah, blah.”

    dmg :: information

  • "AMR really delivered. Furthermore, it was a really enjoyable process, working with a number of enthusiastic, open and hard-working individuals. Working with AMR International on this deal gave us real insight into the digital marketing sector and what might be achievable."

    Centaur Media

  • “The very fast and thorough market and competitive analysis of AMR was an important element for us in helping to accelerate our due diligence process and submit a successful offer faster than other bidders."

    Alpha Group

  • "AMR interacted well with the management team and produced a well-articulated VCDD report which provided a balanced and comprehensive picture of the business and its markets." 


  • “AMR brought keen insight into a very opaque market and was able to lead our team through the thinking on this deal. We look forward to our continued partnership with AMR.” 

    Northstar Travel Media

  • "We already had a good knowledge of the sector but AMR International was able to provide us with clear answers to the issues raised and the report will be useful for post-acquisition phase." 

    Argos Expansion

  • "The composition of the AMR's team was outstanding. For me it was one of the best teams I have ever worked with in my career in terms of different people covering different areas of expertise in local markets speaking in the native language."

    Global information business

  • "We look forward to continued work and association with AMR. Job well done." 

    Nova Capital

Globex: 6th edition

The global exhibition organising market assessment and forecast

"The definitive dataset and forecast of the exhibition industry"

Globex: 6th edition

Download our recent white paper on:

The next challenge in b2b information

The shift beyond workflow to business solutions

Download our recent white paper on: